Stover Ave. Road Project is Moving Forward

Update: GOLF MANOR (2/7/2020) – Construction continues on Stover Avenue. Phase one of the project is being performed for the Greater Cincinnati Water Works. An 8″ water main is being replaced from Losantiville to rear yards of the houses abutting Rosedale. In addition, new fire hydrants are being installed.

November 26, 2019 Letter to Stover Residents

GOLF MANOR (11/4/2019) – The engineering is complete, bids have been accepted, a contractor has been selected, legislation has been passed, and contracts have been signed. The Village of Golf Manor will be performing a major road project starting in late Winter/early Spring 2020 with improvements being made on Stover Avenue. The specific start date will depend on the weather.

This road project represents over one million dollars in investment on the Stover infrastructure including replacement of the water main, to be performed by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW), replacement of fire hydrants, total curb replacement from Losantiville to just past Rosedale, and a total removal and replacement of the substrate of the street from Bremont to Rosedale. This project will also include the installation of three speed humps that will be strategically placed, at the direction of the Police Chief, along the street to curtail speeding.

The first phase of this project will be the work GCWW will complete to replace the water main. Following that will be work on the curbs.

“We are excited to get this project moving and are very pleased with keeping the cost low and using tax dollars as efficiently as we can,” stated Ron Hirth, Village Administrator. Hirth continued, “Originally this project was scheduled to begin in 2019, however material and labor costs were excessively high and it made sense to wait to bid the project in the Fall so we could get the best rates and do more construction at a lesser cost.”

Note that the portion of road located past the Rosedale properties (sometimes referred to as the Stover cul-de-sac adjoining Farmdale) is not owned by the Village and is not a dedicated public street. This area is not a part of this project.



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