The work of Council is to propose, discuss and and pass legislation in order to conduct the business of the Village and address the needs of the community. Many times this requires the passing of ordinances and resolutions. The Village charter, ordinances, and codes are available and searchable online. Access them here.

Ordinances (ORD)

An ordinance is a permanent rule for conducting government. Ordinances set standards for zoning, property maintenance, and criminal and civil codes of conduct. Once enacted, an ordinance takes the effect of law. An ordinance is many times proposed and debated by members of Council and is written by the Village solicitor. Generally, after Council’s approval of the first reading, a summary of the ordinance is made available at the municipal building. Council’s second and third readings generally take place at the next two regularly scheduled meetings.

An affirmative vote of at least four members of Council is necessary for each reading and final passage of any ordinance. Once approved, the ordinance becomes effective after 30 days.

In situations where immediate action needs to be taken on an issue, an affirmative vote of at least five council members is required to dispense with the three readings rule and for passage of an emergency ordinance. Emergency ordinances require only one reading and become effective immediately.

Resolutions (RES)

A resolution is legislation of a special or temporary nature. Resolutions are formal records of the action of Council, for example, approving a contract to resurface a street, renovate a park, or entering into an agreement with a provider of insurance for Village employees. It is also introduced in writing, requires one reading and can be enacted on a formal motion by a majority vote of council members. Resolutions take effect immediately and are published in the minutes of the meeting during which they are adopted.

Posting New Legislation

Section 11.02 of the Charter of the Village of Golf Manor requires Council to publish all Ordinances and Resolutions having the force or effect of law. Section 111.01 enacted in 1947 set forth 5 public places for the posting of legislation enacted by Council. In order to update this Ordinance to reflect current methods of communication, Section 111.01 has been amended to require the publication of all Ordinances, Resolutions, statements, orders, notices, reports and proclamations to be made available on the Village website through the internet as soon as reasonably practical after enactment, as well as being physically posted on a public bulletin board available at the Municipal Building at 6450 Wiehe Road, Golf Manor, Ohio with an additional print copy available upon request in the Village offices. (Enacted 12/11/2017). The PDF files posted online are reflective of actual physical original documents that are retained by the Village Clerk.

Newly passed legislation is grouped by year below:

Uniform File Names Key  Examples:
Ordinances GM_ORD_2018-1_010818.pdf
Resolutions GM_RES_2018-1_010818.pdf

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