Elected Officials

Voice messages for elected officials may be left at 513-531-7491.


Greg Schwartzberg (Appointed April, 2018)

Phone Option 6



Council Members

Email Contact Phone Option Committee Assignment Date Elected/Appointed
Matt Boettcher m.boettcher@golfmanoroh.gov 9/5 Finance Committee Co-Chair & Planning Commission Member Elected – November 2017
Sharon Chaney s.chaney@golfmanoroh.gov 9/2 Finance Committee Co-Chair,  Education Liaison, Executive Liaison Elected – November 2017
Stefan Densmore s.densmore@golfmanoroh.gov 9/4 Vice Mayor & Executive Committee Chair Elected – November 2017
Brenda Dubose b.dubose@golfmanoroh.gov 9/3 Finance Committee Member Appointed – January 2018
Danny Kneipp d.kneipp@golfmanoroh.gov 9/1 Executive Committee Member & Finance Liaison Appointed –     

May 2018

Lou Marx l.marx@golfmanoroh.gov 9/6 Executive Committee Member & Appointed Board of Trustee for the Little Miami Joint Fire & Rescue District Elected – November 2017




Former Council Members

The following former members of Council have recently served the Village:

  • David Bidnick
  • Greg Brown
  • Kenneth Colvin
  • Darlene Dangerfield
  • Brian Doering
  • Greg Doering (Council & Clerk-Treasurer)
  • Donna Faulk (Mayor, Vice Mayor & Council)
  • Steve Gilbert
  • Bob Harper
  • Ron Hirth (Mayor & Council)
  • Elaine Moscovitz
  • Ryan Tolle
  • Alan Zaffiro (Mayor & Council)

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