Council Committees

Members of Council have been organized into committees by the Mayor to focus on matters important to the Village through in-depth research and discussion and make recommendations for policy and action to the full Council.

Meetings of the Village Council are conducted in-person at the Municipal Building at 6450 Wiehe Road. These are meetings of Council that are open to the public and usually streamed live and archived on the Village You Tube Channel.  Note that Executive Sessions of Council, which may take place during meetings, are not streamed live. Note that there may be technical or other issues that arise that may prohibit streaming these meetings.

Individuals wishing to address Council, or a committee, must request to speak no later than 4:30 PM on the business day prior to a meeting by calling 513-531-7418 or by emailing and must attend the meeting in-person. Persons wishing to address Council or a committee must provide their name, address, email address, contact phone number, and a description of the specific topic. You will be contacted in-person prior to the meeting to confirm that you have been placed on the agenda. If you have comments or questions to pose in advance of the meeting, send them in writing to

Generally meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Executive Committee: The 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00 pm
  • Finance: The 4th Monday of every month at 6:00 pm
  • Community Engagement Committee:

Please check the homepage of this web site for additional information on scheduled meetings.

Each committee prioritizes its business by formal motion unless the full Council refers a matter to committee with a directed schedule.

Executive Committee
Meets second Monday monthly, 6:00 PM

Chair: Roger Van Harn
Members: David Fischer, Danny Kneipp, Lou Marx, Steve Simiele (resident), Zach Michelson (resident)

Advisors to the Executive Committee: Village Administrator, Asst. Administrator, Police Chief, Fire District Chief, other Village officials as required.


Works with the administration to monitor and make recommendations to Council on strategies and legislation related to safety, health, operations, infrastructure, property
maintenance, police, environmental, and other issues not directly related to financial issues.

Finance Committee:
Meets fourth Monday monthly, 6:00 PM

Chair: David Fischer
Members: Sharon Chaney, Danny Kneipp, Lou Marx, Ashley Snyder

Advisors to the Finance Committee: Village Administrator, Fiscal Officer, Police Chief, Solicitor, Financial Operations Manager/Village Clerk, other Village officials as required.


Works with the administration to monitor and make recommendations to Council regarding the financial health of the Village including revenue, expenses and financial operations.

Community Engagement Committee:
Meets at 9:30 am on the Tuesday before the second Council meeting of the month, or as published on the calendar.

Chair: Ashley Snyder
Members: David Fischer, Casey Dressel, Sharon Chaney
Advisors to the Community Engagement Committee: Village Administrator, Fiscal Officer, Police Chief, other Village officials as required.

Education Liaison:


Works with the administration and recommends to Council strategies to understand community needs while enhancing and increasing engagement and outreach with residents.

Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals:

Meets first Monday monthly at 6:30 PM pending business.

Chair: Steve Simiele (1/2020)
Members: David Blathers (2018), Lou Marx (2022), Matt Scott (2022), Jason Snyder (2021)

Advisors to the Commission: Village Administrator, Solicitor, Village officials as required.

  • The Planning Commission convenes monthly to review, amend, or modify general building and zoning codes, the zoning plan, and other plans for the development of the Village, all in accordance with general law.
  • The Commission shall perform other duties related to planning, zoning and platting as required by ordinance or resolution.
  • The Commission will review building codes regulating the construction of buildings and other structures within the Village and from time to time make amendments  as required.
  • This group will also act as the Village’s zoning board of appeals as appointed by Council.

Records Commission

Meets as required.

  • Chair: Village Administrator – Ron Hirth
  • Fiscal Officer – Eric Pridonoff
  • Solicitor – Terry Donnellon
  • Police Clerk – Denise Van Pelt
  • Resident –

Tax Board of Appeals

Meets as required.

  • Member –
  • Member –
  • Member –

Human Rights Commission

  • Dixie Beer – Vice Chair
  • Brenda Byes
  • Marty Garcia
  • Dave Willacker – Chair
  • Member –


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