5-Year Road Construction Plan, Vera Ave. in 2021 & Speed Humps Coming This Fall

GOLF MANOR (9/15/2020) – The Village of Golf Manor has announced a 5 – year plan for conducting road construction projects through 2025.

Recently the Village completed a $1.1 million investment in refurbishing the entire length of Stover Avenue from Losantiville to Rosedale.  A new larger water main was installed along with curbs, surface, and three new traffic calming devices (speed humps). From Bremont to Rosedale, the substrate was also removed and replaced ensuring infrastructure that will last 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance.

Village Administrator Ron Hirth recently reviewed the Village’s road plan devised in 2017 with JMA Consultants, our road engineer, to review current road conditions against the plan. Hirth recently presented to Council a revised 5 – year plan that will coordinate with the Greater Cincinnati Water Works program of water main replacement and lead water pipe abatement.

Roads in the Village are reviewed annually to reflect changes caused by weather or needed utility repair as issues arise. It’s important for us to have a plan that we can follow to insure we are addressing immediate or unexpected needs and to stay on track with keeping our total road inventory of 18 streets in good repair for the long-term.

Road construction is primarily funded by an 8-MIL tax levy along with a combination of county and State grants and loans. The road levy was first approved by the voters in 2008 and approved again at the ballot in 2018. Funds generated by the road levy are designated specifically for revitalizing, renewing and repairing existing roads in the Village. These funds are not available for use for any other purpose.

In our 5-year plan, we have completed Stover Avenue and look forward to dedicating the road in late 2020, early 2021 (COVID pandemic permitting) with a celebration of the new street and to thank the Stover residents for their patience through a very long and complicated project.

2021: Next up will be the “Vera Avenue Corridor Project” which will include refurbishing Elbrook Ave. from Losantiville to the Amberley corporation line, the complete length of Vera Ave. end to end, and the West Vera service drive. Funding for the project has been approved while an agreement with the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) is being executed. Council will be asked to approve funding on September 29. Engineering for the project has started with bid packets issued likely in November/December 2020. The project itself will start in late 2020 or 2021 with 8 months to completion from start. Included will be water main replacement, all new “box” curbs, driveway apron replacement, and a new street surface. The “box” curbs installed will help to curtail some of the water drainage issues experienced on the street during usually heavy rains experienced in the last couple of years.

2022: Working toward 2022, we are preparing to apply for funding for the refurbishment of Elbrook Avenue from Losantiville to the Cincinnati corporation line. The same type of work completed on Stover and Vera will be planned for this stretch of road with work likely commencing in late 2022. This project will also be funded from the Village road levy along with grants for which we will apply from OPWC and the County. In addition we will seek funding for 2022 to refurbish Wiehe Road from corporation line to corporation line.

2023 – 2025: A combination of work will be undertaken to refurbish Canterbury, Hammel from Canterbury to the Cincinnati corporation line and Englewood. Again, our projects will be coordinated with GCWW plans to replace water mains on these streets. The Village will continue with the same type of improvements made on the other streets. More specific timing of these projects will be announced as we complete the 2022 projects and identify engineering requirements.

Traffic Calming Project – Speed Humps & Electronic Speed Monitoring

During the Fall of 2020, the Village Administration along with Police Chief Chris Campbell have worked with our road engineer to identify optimal areas where traffic calming pavement, or speed humps, may be installed to curtail excessive speeding.

Speed Hump Project & Funding Approval: Council has accepted a bid for the traffic calming pavement project to begin this Fall. Funding has been approved by Council with the construction starting in late September. The project is expected to be completed by the Thanksgiving holiday.

In addition, the Village will also be installing additional electronic speed signs on Bremont and Losantiville. The speed monitoring signs and the speed humps are important tools to help the police department control excessive speed on our streets.

All of these projects are important to maintaining the integrity of our streets but also add to the value of properties in the Village.

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