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GOLF MANOR (5/11/2023) –Mayor Stefan Densmore has announced a program available to Village residents for procuring and planting select trees on their property. This program is available through a grant made possible by financial support from The Duke Energy Foundation.

Mayor’s Tree Program Application Form

Trees available are native to our region in Ohio and are considered “canopy trees” because of their height at maturity.

The goal of the Mayor’s Tree Program is to increase the tree canopy of the Village from its current level of 30.5% to over 40% for climate resiliency, prioritizing the creation of shade along streets, sidewalks, and within community gathering areas.

Each tree listed below includes a description detailing the tree height at maturity, the number of years to reach maturity, and best seasonal window for planting.


  • Pin Oak Mature height: 60′, canopy width 25-40′. Grows about 2 ft per year (considered “fast”).  Maturity in approx. 15-20 years. Best planted in the fall (before frost)
  • Red Maple 40-60′ mature height, 40-50′ mature canopy spread. 18″ growth per year (med-fast). Maturity in approx. 15-20 years. Best time to plant: spring or fall
  • Sugar Maple Mature Height: 60′-70′ Canopy: 40-50′ Growth speed: 14″ per year (slow-medium) Maturity in: 30 years Best planted in: early fall
  • Tulip Poplar Mature Height: 80′ Growth speed: 24″ or more per year (very fast) Maturity in: 15-20 years Best planted in: early spring/mid fall
  • White Ash Mature Height: 50-80 ft. Canopy: 40-50′ Growth speed: 18″ per year (medium)  Maturity in: 20-25 years Best planted in: Early fall

Applications proposing tree placement along residential streets, walking and parking areas, will be prioritized. An alternate location of tree placement may need to be found if the proposed location violates current Village ordinances. Variances may (or may not) be supported by the Village where the individual proposed placement of trees violates current ordinances.

If more prioritized applications exist than afforded by the Mayor’s Tree Program, a lottery of prioritized applications will be held.

 Responsibility for tree pickup and planting will be the property owner or their designated group of volunteers.

To participate, complete the application form and return it to Mayor Densmore at


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