Tire Collection Event May 17 – 24 at Volunteer Park

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GOLF MANOR (4/14/2023) – Residents of the Village of Golf Manor will have the opportunity to rid their properties of old tires that they may have accumulated or been dumped on their property. In cooperation with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, a large dumpster will be placed at Volunteer Park, located across from the Municipal Building at 6450 Wiehe Rd., for the purpose of collecting discarded or refuse tires at no charge to Village residents. This opportunity is specifically for Golf Manor residents only and they must provide proper I.D. of residency when dropping off tires.

As a one-time courtesy to residents, starting Monday, May 15 through Thursday, May 18, the Village maintenance department will pick up tires that you place at the curb next to the street in the residential areas of the Village. This is a great opportunity for you to rid your property of any tires you may have stored or acquired.

The tire recycling event will run from Wednesday, May 17 through Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Property maintenance complaints should always be reported to our Property Maintenance Hotline at 513-800-6158 or by the Citizen Serve app.

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