Temporary Signs Permitted Following Ordinance Requirements

GOLF MANOR (10/7/2021) – As we get closer to the November 2nd general election it’s great to see folks participate in the political process with signs starting to pop up in the Village. Add to that Fall servicing of heating systems and other outdoor repairs before the Winter with vendors popping signs in yards.

Everyone enthusiastically supporting their candidate needs to be aware of Village guidelines that must be followed regarding posting signs on residential property.

The Village sign code was updated in 2018 and allows for residents to place “temporary” signs on their property from time to time to support political candidates, schools, events and charitable causes.

“Off-premise signs,” those that advertise or promote a business not conducted at that property, are permitted only for or a limited time, up to a maximum seven (7) day period during a home improvement project being performed on that premises. These signs are required to be removed at the completion of the project. However, signs that advertise a business or service not being performed on a premises are not permitted.

Always remember that signs may not be placed in the right of way – the grassy area next to the street – or on any public property at any time and will be removed if found there. If you accidentally place a sign in the right of way and it goes missing, check at the Municipal Building. It’s likely there waiting for you. Same goes for attaching any signs to utility poles.

All temporary ground mounted signs must be located no closer than ten (10) feet from a public right-of-way or a side lot line. All temporary signs must be removed and replaced at any time when such sign has, or sign materials have, deteriorated.

So go ahead and support that candidate or festival. Just remember to make sure the signs you do put out are removed in a timely manner as the event or situation expires. Also when the furnace, roofing, or siding guy sticks a sign in your yard, make sure you take it down when the project is over.

Village personnel will review signs placed in the Village on a regular basis and will advise residents, if necessary, to remove signs that are not in compliance. Any questions should be directed to the Code Official at Property Maintenance Hotline at 513-800-6158 or online here.

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