3 Major Road Projects Coming to the Village in 2022

GOLF MANOR (2/12/2022) – Golf Manor’s Village Administration continues to execute the 5-year road refurbishment plan and has coordinated, with Council’s approval, three major road projects to be completed during fiscal 2022.

These projects include:

  • Elbrook Avenue south from Losantiville to the Cincinnati corporation line.
  • Wiehe Road from the Cincinnati corporation line to the Amberley Village corporation line.
  • Englewood Avenue south from Losantiville to the Cincinnati corporation line & Canterbury Avenue west from Englewood to Fair Oaks Avenue.

These will be big projects on the scale as what was recently completed on Stover Avenue in 2020, and what is currently being completed on Vera/short Elbrook and short Fair Oaks. Initially, Greater Cincinnati Water Works will install new water lines. Afterwards the Village will replace –  through a hired contractor – existing curbs, driveway aprons, new asphalt street surface, and install new or replace existing speed control devices.

These projects are the largest undertaking of street improvements completed to date representing over $ 2,000,000 in investment in Village infrastructure. Road improvement projects are funded through various sources including monies from the Village’s dedicated road levy, available road improvement grants and interest-free loans available from Hamilton County and the State of Ohio, as well as monies recently received from SORTA’s transit fund levy that voter’s passed in 2020.

After completion, nearly two thirds of the streets in the Village will have been renovated in the last 5 years.

More information will be coming your way regarding timing as we get closer to the bid process and the selected  contractor lays out the work schedule.

This work is extremely important to preserve the livability of the Village, ensure safe and unhampered travel throughout the Village for residents and first responders, and continue to enhance our property values.

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