Police History


Some of the artifacts on display in the Golf Manor Municipal Building.

Protection for the Future

Prior to 1947 and incorporation as an independent municipal entity, Golf Manor received police protection from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Village Council looked toward the future and recognized that a thriving municpality would need to provide its own police protection for the residents. On July 12, 1948 a resolution was approved hiring Joe Magnarini as Marshall of the Village, in fact Golf Manor’s first Police Chief. Robert Leroux, the city solicitor, was appointed as “special policeman.” Chief Magnarini was a paid a salary of $200 per year while Officer Leroux was not compensated.

1949 – Joseph Brechelt was appointed Police Chief/Street Commissioner. As an eight-year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Brechelt would serve the longest tenure as Golf Manor Police Chief at 13 years. The Village’s also purchased its first police cruiser, a 1949 Ford.

1952 – Harley Ent was hired as a part-time motorcycle officer. Golf Manor now employed 3 officers including Officer Frank Machen, and Officer Harley Ent.

June 1953 – Golf Manor established a full time Police Department consisting of Officer Bud Cravens, Officer Paul Lucas, Officer Dick Woeber, and Officer John Moore. Officers Cravens and Woeber were motorcycle officers who used their own motorcycles to patrol the Village. In addition to performing their policing duties, the officers employed by the department also doubled as firefighters and life squad members.

August 1954 – Officer Woeber became permanently disabled when a ladder collapsed while he was fighting a house fire in the Village. He required over 30 appointments in surgery as a result of this injury.

1962 – William Schneyer became the third Police Chief of the Village of Golf Manor.

1976 – Melvin Weber became Chief and served until 1981.

1981 – Jack McDaniel assumed the chief position.

1992 – G. Patrick Olvey was hired by the Village and served until 1997.

1997 – Stephen Tilley, took on the role. Chief Tilley had served as a Village police officer and as Village Administrator for several years and assumed the Police Chief duties in addition to his administrative responsibilities.

2000 – Golf Manor joined other Hamilton County communities by assigning dispatch responsibilities to the Hamilton County Communications Center. The Dispatcher’s position was transitioned into a Police Clerk position to assist with the ever growing documentation needs of the department as well as coordinating the needs of Mayor’s Court.

2008 – Eddie Taylor was appointed as the Village’s 8th Police Chief after serving 18 years with the Village, prior to that as Lieutenant.

2015 – Chris Campbell was appointed as Golf Manor’s 9th Police Chief when Chief Taylor retired. Campbell had served as Lieutenant since 2008.

Golf Manor has a rich history of supporting our Police Department, ensuring staying on top of the ever changing needs of the community. Prior to 1953, the uniform of the department simply consisted of primarily gray or white shirts with black or blue trousers. In 1953, the color scheme was changed to light and dark brown uniforms. In the early 1960s, the department’s uniforms again changed, this time to gray trousers with white shirts and white hats, and then finally to the current black and gray uniform with a variation of uniform hats, from a black service cloth to black vinyl to the campaign hat.

Today, many uniform items have been updated due to the changes in technology, Federal, State and local legislation and policing procedures. With the introduction of new materials and equipment, officers are better prepared to perform their duties while keeping a professional appearance and being functional at the same time. The Village’s top priority will always be the safety of the residents and officers sworn to protect the community.

Our Police Chiefs Through the Years

1948 Joseph Magnarini
1949 Joseph Brechelt
1962 William Schneyer
1976 Melvin Weber
1981 Jack McDaniel
1992 G. Patrick Olvey
1997 Stephen Tilley
2008 Eddie Taylor
2015  – Present Chris Campbell


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