Mayor’s Report: November 23rd, 2020

GOLF MANOR (11/23/2020) –– Submitted by Mayor Stefan Densmore.

The Passing of Our Former Service Manager, Dave Hubbard. I’m sorry to report that our former Service Manager, Dave Hubbard, who retired 2 years ago after 31 years of service to the village, died this week following complications with COVID-19. He is survived by his wife and two sons, as well as 5 grandchildren, 6 siblings, and many nieces and nephews. Please join me in keeping his family in your thoughts and prayers. His obituary and funeral arrangements are available online:


Brent Spence Bridge Update: The Kentucky Governor’s office says that the bridge is projected to reopen by 12/23/2020, following inspections that reportedly showed no compromise in the integrity of the bridge. An outline of the repairs that are scheduled has been released to the public, as well as a link for updates on the reopening process.


Updates to Website: A number of months ago with the high frequency of news updates about COVID we created a space on the website to put all the news we have about the pandemic. You can find a button on the right margin of the front page of the website that says “COVID Updates”, which when clicked takes you to a dedicated COVID News page.

Another addition to the website collects all the Mayor’s Reports and messaging in one place. As you are familiar with, and will have more experience with tonight, I often will say in my reports that I’ve linked to information online in my report. Now we have a devoted page that makes it easier for folks to find not only the most recent report but previous reports as well. A button to this devoted page can be found just above the button for the COVID Updates on the right margin of the front page of the website, and it is titled Mayor’s Blog.


COVID Update: [Data included in this portion of the report is provided by the Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency Emergency Operations Center].


  • COVID-19 is now the 4th leading cause of death in Ohio, 3rd nationally.


  • Once again, this past Friday (11/20/2020) the State of Ohio reported the highest single day increase of COVID-19 cases, reporting 8,808 new cases. In my previous report I noted the highest single day increase was 5,008 new cases.


  • The current November number of ICU COVID-19 patients has increased 5 fold over that of the October number in Hamilton County. Adult medical-surgical bed utilization in Hamilton County has increased to 90% capacity. In Hamilton County adult critical care bed utilization has increased to 91% capacity.

  • To deal with the significant strain on bed availability and staffing, many hospitals are preparing to “activate surge operations protocol”. This protocol reduces elective inpatient surgeries and procedures by 50%, transfers patient appointments to telehealth, and eliminates ICU transfers from other hospitals without higher-level approval. UC Medical Center activated this protocol last week (11/16/2020).


  • Franklin County became the first Ohio county to reach a Level 4 (Purple) Public Emergency Status. Franklin County contains the City of Columbus, our State Capital, and is the most populous county in Ohio. Level 3 counties that are about to transition to Level 4 Public Emergency Status are notified a week before they are officially designated purple– this gives county officials some time to prepare residents for the new protocols that go into place. There is a Level 4 Fact Sheet that can help you understand the science behind the switch from Level 3 to Level 4 available on our website.


  • On Thursday (11/19/2020) it was announced that half of Ohio’s 88 counties have concluded their inspections of area business and have found 90% compliance with the Statewide mask mandate.


  • The statewide temporary authority allowing government meetings to be conducted virtually is set to expire on 12/1/2020, advocacy for an extension is widespread and includes our County Commissioners and the Mayor and Council of Golf Manor.



Concerning the upcoming holidays:


Concerning Vaccine Availability and Distribution:

  • The Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency has announced (11/18/2020) that they have developed a location to safely secure vaccine in cold storage. They are ahead of schedule with the installation of their “ultra cold” freezers to hold the vaccine for Hamilton County as soon as it is available. They say they’ll be done with the installation of the freezers by the end of this month.


  • This past Thursday (11/19/2020) Governor Dewine’s office announced plans to designate certain sites to be the first recipients when emergency doses of vaccine are available.
    • UC Medical Center is the site designated for Hamilton County. There will be only about 35,000 doses available locally when this first wave of vaccine is made available, which won’t be enough for distribution to the general public– it will just be used on an emergency basis.
    • The second wave of vaccine availability for non-emergency use is still expected to be available more widely to the general public sometime in December, following FDA/CDC approval.


  • Pfizer and BioNTech submitted emergency use authorization to the FDA this past Friday (11/20/2020) for their COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer announced that their trial data indicates their vaccine is 95% effective in preventing COVID-19. Requires two shots separated by several weeks. They submitted these results this past Friday (11/20/2020) and are awaiting final approval from the FDA to begin manufacturing for the public.


  • Johnson & Johnson announced plans to seek emergency authorization in February for their vaccine which requires just one shot. AstraZeneca has data results through Oxford university that they say will be published in late December.


  • This past Wednesday (11/18/2020) the FDA authorized the first prescription at-home test for COVID-19– for individuals over the age of 14– the test provides results in 30 minutes, is expected to cost less than $50, and be available to the public by Spring 2021.


Assistance Programs available for struggling residents, businesses and schools:

  • The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services has issued a warning about scams that are targeting people looking for Unemployment Assistance.


  • Reminder that applications are open for the latest CARES Act relief funding package from the State. Applications opened on November 2 at




  • Information on additional resources available to community members in need may be found at They are a nonprofit organization that helps struggling individuals and families in our community find supportive resources.


Final Words.  I said this earlier in the year but feel it should be repeated. We all have different resources at our disposal, different styles and perhaps different ways in which we access personal strength to endure challenges. I know most are already doing this — but for the record want to encourage you to be mindful of people’s fear and to share what you can of your personal strength to help others feel safe. People do some of the worst things when they are scared, and often even just a smile from a neighbor or even a stranger can calm tensions. We are at our best when we are helping each other. So, keep the faith and be strong for each other. Thanks for all you do to keep our community beautiful, welcoming, and safe! Please feel free to call me with any ideas or questions.

This report is respectfully submitted to the Village residents of Golf Manor. Thank you for the honor of being your Mayor. To our staff and elected officials, thank you for your service to the community.


Stefan Densmore, Mayor, Village of Golf Manor

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