Mayor’s Report: January 25th, 2021

GOLF MANOR (1/25/2021) — Submitted by Mayor Stefan Densmore

Acknowledging the Heroism of Medical Professionals Serving During The State of Emergency. I mentioned previously that as we get on the other side of the pandemic– hopefully this Spring– I plan to issue proclamations individually to the healthcare professionals living in Golf Manor for their service during these unprecedented times. I met with Councilwoman Chaney this past week to work on some of the details of getting the word out about this on social media. I’m asking that Council members –and any residents reading this– reach out to your neighbors in the community and share the word of my intention, so that we can start to get a list of all the healthcare professionals in Golf Manor active during the pandemic. I don’t want to leave anyone out in my acknowledgement of the community’s gratitude for their service. Again, that is any healthcare professionals living in Golf Manor, on active duty during the pandemic. I will personally thank each one of them and give them a framed copy of the proclamation acknowledging their heroic service to the our community. I appreciate all your help in identifying these fellow residents.

COVID Update: I’ve included COVID data in my report in agreement with the Ohio Association of Mayors to do whatever we can to convey the most accurate local information about COVID-19 to the public. [Data included in this portion of the report is provided by the Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency Emergency Operations Center].

  • Our COVID numbers continue to increase: 1 out of 4 patients in Ohio ICUs are currently there because of COVID-19.
  • We have the following information about the current launch dates for vaccination of specific populations in Ohio as announced by Governor DeWine:

  • Priority Eligibility Based on Age. This week folks 75 years and older are eligible to start getting vaccinated, as well individuals who have a combination of both an intellectual disability with a severe congenital, developmental, or early onset medical disorders. Next week folks 70 years and older will be eligible, and the following week folks 65 years and older will be eligible. Priority eligibility for vaccination based on age will not be lowered below 65 years old. Approximately 4.39% of Hamilton County population has received the 1st dose of the vaccine (35,927 people).
  • Where to get vaccinated. Ohio now has a website where you can find the closest location to get vaccinated, if you are an individual eligible for priority vaccination: There are 43 locations in Hamilton County listed here where you can receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • The location closest to our village is WinMed Health Services, at Community Action Agency, 1740 Langdon Farm Road, Suite 300. Their phone number is (513) 631-7100. If you are eligible for priority vaccination, you call that number and schedule (They do all their vaccinations on Monday afternoons).
    • WinMed Health Services has another location in Winton Woods that is also fairly close to us, and that location does vaccinations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The number to schedule at that location is 513-242-1033.
    • All the Kroger locations near us are also open for folks who qualify for priority vaccination. You can schedule with any of them (closest to us is the Norwood or Marburg Kroger Pharmacies) online at
    • The Hamilton County Board of Health has moved their COVID-19 vaccine clinic to the Board of Elections facility. You can schedule for an appointment there using the Board of Health website
    • The State of Ohio anticipates that there will be additional locations to receive priority vaccination in March.
  • Please help spread this information so that we can make sure that any of our residents who are especially vulnerable to this virus have the opportunity to sign-up and get vaccinated during this priority period.

Status Update for Implementation of the NDO.  Concerning the plan for implementation of the non discrimination ordinance that was approved by the voters this past November, I am still requesting personal meetings with anyone who has concerns. I will not be discussing these meetings publicly, but will be bringing specific concerns to the administration and our legal counsel in an effort to make sure that our plan has addressed these concerns. So please continue to spread the word, if you hear anyone expressing a concern about how the non-discrimination ordinance will be administered, please have them reach out to me– so that I can address their concerns.

Poverty in America Awareness Month. It is Poverty in America Awareness Month. Poverty in America has grown with the COVID-19 pandemic– there are an estimated 55 million Americans in poverty today. That’s approximately 17% of our country, or about 1 in every 5 or 6 people. And many in our village. There are resource links on the Golf Manor website and here for helping loved ones, yourself, a friend or client connect to local support. Please spread the word. If you are not yourself familiar with the resources that are available to people who are struggling, please get familiar with those resources so that you can help pass along information when randomly called upon to do so. If you are one of the people out there providing resources to people in need or helping folks connect to resources I want you to know we on Council are grateful for all your work.

Final Word. We are at our best when we are helping each other. Keep the faith and be strong for each other. Thanks for all you do to keep our community beautiful, welcoming, and safe. Please feel free to call me with any ideas or questions.

This report is respectfully submitted to the Village residents of Golf Manor. Thank you for the honor of being your Mayor. To our staff and elected officials, thank you for your service to the community.

Stefan Densmore, Mayor, Village of Golf Manor

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