Honoring Local Healthcare Workers On Duty During COVID

GOLF MANOR (7/12/2021) — Submitted by Mayor Stefan Densmore

Over the last couple months volunteers and I hand-delivered to each residence in our village a request for help in identifying all the healthcare workers on active duty during the COVID-19 Pandemic who are Golf Manor residents. While I’m sure it is not a comprehensive list, the replies we received were compiled for a proclamation honoring their service, delivered at our July 12th Village Council Meeting. I invited Hamilton County Health Commissioner, Greg Kesterman to help me thank and honor each healthcare worker in attendance, by providing each with their own copy of the proclamation, and photo to remember the ceremony (see photos below).

Proclamation Honoring Healthcare Workers

On Active Duty During the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic has represented an unprecedented challenge to our nation’s modern healthcare infrastructure over the past year and a half; and 

WHEREAS healthcare workers across the country were called upon to remain at work (or in some cases, to come out of retirement) during this pandemic, to place themselves and their families at mortal risk in the service of others; and

WHEREAS healthcare workers contributed to the safety of our local community in various capacities, some by working directly with individual victims of the COVID-19 virus, and some by maintaining the stability of our healthcare infrastructure, in other ways, as physicians, nurses, health aids, and EMTs; and 

WHEREAS the Village of Golf Manor is home to over a dozen of these Healthcare workers, including specifically:

  • Nefertiti Alderidge, LPN, (Vera Ave), Brightstar Senior Living; 
  • Jana Becksmith, RN (Mayflower), Telemetry Charge Nurse, Bethesda North Hospital; 
  • Chazman Cannady (Mayflower), Home Health Aide, Home Helpers; 
  • Tujuan Clayton (Elbrook Ave), Health System Specialist for the Cincinnati VA Medical Center;
  • Jarice Ewell, (Graceland Ave), Patient Transport at Christ Hospital;  
  • Vivian Ewell, RN (Graceland Ave), Quality Manager at Crossroad Health Center;
  • Termeriah Flannigan (Elbrook Ave), Phlebotomist at TriHealth;
  • Tausha Y Gooden, BSN, RN (Vera Ave), Critical Care Nurse, UC Medical Center;
  • Stephen Rieger, BM, MA, CCC-SLP (St. Albans Ave), Speech Language Pathologist, St. Elizabeth Healthcare; 
  • Sandy Sullivan-Foglesong (Vera Ave), who came out of retirement to help administer COVID vaccines for CVS Pharmacy; 
  • Tracie Mashore Van Harn, RN (Bremont Ave), VA Medical Center; 
  • Lisa Zaffiro, RN (Vera Ave) Weekend Charge Nurse, Operation Room, Jewish Hospital; 
  • Dr. Christopher Zalesky, MD MSc (Kellerman Avenue), Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at UC Health; and
  • Elizabeth Zalesky, RN BSN (Kellerman Avenue), Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center; 

NOW THEREFORE, I, Stefan Christian Densmore, Mayor of the Village of Golf Manor, do hereby honor and extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to the healthcare workers of our community, for their heroic efforts, and for their spirit, love and skill provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, I encourage all residents of the Village of Golf Manor to acknowledge the significant contribution that has been made by healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their devotion to the health and well-being of the greater community.


This report is respectfully submitted to the residents of Golf Manor. Thank you for the honor of being your Mayor. To our staff and elected officials, thank you for your service to the community.

Stefan Densmore, Mayor, Village of Golf Manor

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