Meet Golf Manor WeTHRIVE Neighborhood Navigator Casey Dressell

From WeTHRIVE, Hamilton County (1/12/2022) – We’re excited to welcome Casey Dressell as the new WeTHRIVE! Neighborhood Navigator for the Village of Golf Manor. She’ll work with co-navigator Jaclyn Threadgill to support the WeTHRIVE! initiative in the village. (Watch for a story about Jaclyn soon!)

Casey is an artist, an art professor, a curator, and a gallery director. She and her partner, Sy, have lived in Golf Manor for about six years.

The couple learned about WeTHRIVE! from Golf Manor Village Administrator Ron Hirth. “We wanted  to get involved with helping the community in some way,” Casey said. “Sy and I met with Ron and he got us in on conversations about WeTHRIVE! in Golf Manor. When they asked me to be the neighborhood navigator I was happy to do that.”

Casey says Golf Manor is a great place to live. “It’s so centrally located and I enjoy living here, being close to everything. And the mayor and administration are so accessible. You can talk with them and they are here to help.”

Navigating Golf Manor

In the fall, Casey and the WeTHRIVE! team organized free outdoor yoga. Classes were held every Sunday afternoon in October at Volunteer Park. “It was a very successful and cool event,” Casey said. “We usually had about nine people in all. People were psyched about it and local businesses were excited too.”

Casey says the team is working on expanding yoga through the winter by holding classes inside the village administration building. They are also organizing volunteers to do yard work and clean up for residents who need assistance.

As a neighborhood navigator, Casey also wants to get more people involved with WeTHRIVE! to help residents connect with one another.

“WeTHRIVE! is a great way to meet your neighbors,” Casey said. “It’s really important to know those around you so you can help each other out. There are lots of elderly people on my street. With COVID, I wanted to help if they need anything. We’re often disconnected because people are so busy, but it’s nice to chat and get to know those around you.”

To get involved with WeTHRIVE! in Golf Manor, contact Casey at 513-617-3247 or

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