GM Entrepreneur & Cincinnati Circus Owner Recognized in Cincinnati Magazine

From Cincinnati Magazine (12/22/2021) – According to reporter Lisa Murtha of Cincinnati Magazine, there’s room for everybody under Golf Manor business owner Dave Willaker’s big top.

“Every Tuesday night, weather permitting, Golf Manor’s Volunteer Park “comes alive,” says Dave Willacker, which is ironic considering part of this resurrection involves a 35-foot-tall rotating metal contraption called the “wheel of death.” Willacker’s telling me this as he climbs into the lower chamber of the wheel and begins running in place, hamster-like, while simultaneously explaining the physics of how this thing works. Essentially, says Willacker, if this structure, which looks like a smaller version of the old salt-and-pepper carnival rides, wasn’t currently undergoing repairs, it would be able to hold two people—one in each circular chamber—and they would each be able to spin their own individual wheels and do tricks while the entire contraption was spinning as well.”

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