Garbage Collection Guidelines Need to Be Followed

GOLF MANOR (6/29/2018) – A number of residents are setting out their garbage for Tuesday morning collection as early as Friday or over the weekend. In addition, a number of residents are not storing their bins from the curbs for several days after they are emptied. This is a reminder that by Village Ordinance 521.10 (Waste Collection Rules), the following must be observed by residents when setting out items for residential waste collection in the Village of Golf Manor:


  1. Garbage may be set out no earlier than Monday evening after 6 p.m. prior to Tuesday waste collection. Items must be secured in containers provided by Rumpke. Non-Rumpke containers and bags not containing yard waste will not be picked up.
  2. Non-recycled regular trash (brown waste collection bin) is picked up weekly.
  3. Recycled trash (green waste collection bin) is picked up every other week. Please see the 2018 Rumpke recycling collection calendar here.
  4. Empty containers must be removed from the curb and stored by 6 pm on Tuesday.
  5. Some exceptions to the pick-up day may occur when holidays fall on Monday or Tuesday; check the Rumpke website for any schedule changes.


  1. All trash to be picked up must fit into the Rumpke supplied waste container allowing for automated collection, which reduces the cost to each property owner.
  2. Trash containers are supplied by Rumpke and are registered to a specific property address.  Serial numbers are tracked and must stay with the property. Do not trade, sell or otherwise remove the container from the property to which it is assigned.
  3. Each Golf Manor residence is allowed the following configuration of containers under our current contract:
    • Single-family property: up to two (2) wheeled, brown regular waste bins and (1) wheeled 65-gallon or (1) wheeled 35-gallon green recycling bin.
    • 2-family apartment: up to two (2) wheeled, brown regular waste bins and two (2) wheeled 65-gallon or (1) wheeled 35-gallon green recycling bin.
    • 4-family apartment: up to four (4) wheeled, brown regular waste bins and (4) wheeled 65-gallon green recycling bins.
    • Each property owner chooses configuration and sizes needed.
    • Additional carts above the guidelines described are at owner’s additional expense.
    • Trash will not be collected if placed in personal containers including plastic bags, or if left at the curb in no container.
  4. One large item per week is permitted, e.g., furniture, rugs, mattresses, old garbage cans, appliances. Call Rumpke in advance to notify them of this need.


  1. Yard waste set out for Rumpke collection must fit in the brown bin or be placed in paper yard bags; plastic is not permitted. Bagged leaves prepared for Rumpke or Village pick-up must be collected in paper yard bags- again, no plastic.


  1. Freon must be removed from air conditioners and refrigerators by a certified technician to qualify for pick up (certificate must be affixed to the unit).
  2. TVs and computer screens are prohibited (recycle these items at authorized collection outlets).
  3. Tires are prohibited per Ohio law (recycle at a tire dealer).
  4. “Move out” garbage when vacating a property must adhere to the above guidelines. If move out waste will not fit into the regular bins, a special pick-up will need to be requested from Rumpke at the owner’s additional expense. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a waste violation citation and fine.

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