Frequently Overlooked Village Ordinances

PrintThe secret to maintaining a liveable community for everyone is being familiar with ceratin guiding principles that create a coureteous and enjoyable environment for our neighbors. The Village has a number of ordinances of which new residents may not be aware or others may have overlooked in the midst of busy everyday life. Here are a few reminders:

  • Yard Maintenance: Noxious weeds, including grass 10 inches or more in height, must be cut. Public sidewalks must be kept free from overhanging trees and not blocked by shrubs or any other nuisance. Private roperty must be cleared of any litter, garbage or junk of an unsightly nature.
  • Vehicles: Inoperative, dismantled, or not currently licensed vehicles that are not propelled under their own power, displaying a vehicle for sale or working on a vehicle upon any roadway.
  • 351.03 Prohibited Parking: Throughout the Village there are curbs which have been painted yellow. A yellow curb is a prohibited parking spot. Also parking in front of driveways, across the sidewalk, street lawns or over curbs is prohibited.
  • 351.05 Maximum Consecutive Street Parking: No vehicle is permitted to be parked on the road for more than seventy-two (72) consecutive hours.
  • 335.09 Proper Display of License Plates: No operator or owner of a motor vehicle shall fail to properly display one front and one rear license plate.
  • Noise: Any objectionable noise during the hours of 10 pm and 7 am is prohibited. Our police officers will make judgements based on the guidelines in the codified noise ordinance. Generally an objectionable noise that can be heard by a complainant at a distance of 100 feet from the source is prohibited.
  • Pets: Barking or howling dogs that consistently disturb the peace of the neighborhood is prohibited. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside the property of the owner.
  • 505.15 – Cleaning Up After Pets: Golf Manor law requires cleaning up after dogs. Make sure to bring a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog. This is inclusive of public or private property.
  • Improving Property: A building permit is required for any major construction project including roofing, driveways, stone walls, and interior structural and electrical work. More information about building permits is available here.
  • 521.10 Waste Collection Rules: All garbage is expected to be in secured containers. You are not permitted to place containers at the curb before 6 pm the evening before waste collection and they must be removed from the curb and stored by 6 pm the evening of collection.
  • 521.08 – Littering: Maximum fine is $500.
  • 531.01- 04 Minors’ Curfew: A minor is defined as any person between the ages of six and 18, who is not married or otherwise emancipated. No minor is permitted under the Daytime Curfew to be upon or about the public streets, public places or commercial establishment, unless accompanied by guardian or parent, during the hours when the child is required to be in attendance in a school, or alternative program. The same ordinance requires that no minor shall be upon or about the public streets, public places or commercial establishment during the following curfew hours: 11:00 pm on any Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday until 5:00 am on the following day; and 12:01 am until 5:00 am on any Friday or Saturday.

Note: This information is provided as a brief summary. For the complete text of Golf Manor ordinances or references to Ohio law, please review the applicable statute for a complete statement of the law in our online ordinances here.

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