Mayor Densmore’s Orders on Masks & Social Distancing in Golf Manor

GOLF MANOR (7/20/2020) –From Mayor Stefan Densmore

For the safety of the elderly and immunocompromised individuals in our village, I am asking ALL residents to do everything they can to follow the social distancing and mask mandate issued by Governor DeWine. There are verified cases of COVID-19 in our village, and given the nature of the disease, potentially asymptomatic carriers who aren’t aware that they are spreading it. If Golf Manor residents work together to follow the rules of the Governor’s mandate, we can better protect the individuals and families most at mortal risk from the spread of COVID-19 in our village. I’m writing the present statement to help clarify for residents and businesses my most recent orders concerning enforcement of the social distancing and mask mandate in the village.

When around others outside, please EITHER maintain a six foot distance OR wear a mask. 

When walking on the sidewalks, riding bikes, or jogging through the neighborhood, it is easy to do the things necessary to maintain a six foot distance from others. Other situations can be more challenging, and are best to bring a mask with you. 

I’m particularly concerned about social distancing in our parks, bus stops, and yard sales, and have therefore directed the Golf Manor Police Department to issue citations for violations in situations where a warning has proved ineffective. The fine is $25 whether the citation is paid out in advance of Court or the person is cited to Mayor’s Court and convicted. If you are unable to use one of our bus stops, or parks or participate safely at a yard sale because folks aren’t compliant with the mandate (i.e., failing to wear a mask outside when within six feet of a non family member) — and you’ve said something, and it’s still a problem, call our officer on duty, 513-615-3000 or 3001. 

When visiting inside restaurants and businesses in Golf Manor, wear a mask. Governor DeWine’s mandate requires customers and employees to wear masks when moving around inside restaurants and businesses. If you have a complaint about a restaurant or business not following the rules of the mandate, contact the Hamilton County Health Department’s COVID-19 complaint line at 513-946-7800. Restaurants or businesses experiencing a customer’s refusal to wear a mask may contact our officer on duty.

It is an honor to be your Mayor. Thank you for all you do to take care of each other, and for spreading the word. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please contact our village manager or myself directly. The full text of my order is printed below:


Enforcement of Mask Mandate in the Village of Golf Manor, by order of the Mayor, Stefan Densmore.

Under the authority granted to me, the Mayor of the Village of Golf Manor, under Resolution No. 2020-4, I am hereby reinforcing the State of Emergency Declaration specific to the Village of Golf Manor while we remain in the red alert and potentially purple alert categories to control the pandemic virus. In keeping with the state directive, I am mandating that masks be worn in any public building, and in such public spaces where appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained. While this Declaration is in place, persons violating this Order can be cited under Resolution No. 2020-4 with the first offense being charged as a minor misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $25.00.  This would be the fine whether the citation is paid out in advance of Court or the person is cited to Mayor’s Court and convicted.  In addition, a person shall be liable for Court costs if prosecuted through the Mayor’s Court.

For purposes of dispatch, calls for assistance concerning violations of the mandate in public spaces such as our parks, bus stops, or yard sales, should be directed to our officer on duty, at 513-615-3000 or 513-615-3001. Calls for assistance concerning violations of the mandate by restaurants or other businesses in Golf Manor should be directed to the Hamilton County Health Department’s COVID-19 Complaint line, 513-946-7800. 

This Declaration will continue until either terminated by me as Mayor or we achieve safe levels lowering our alert to the orange or yellow category as determined by the State of Ohio. This Order does not supersede any separate Order from the Hamilton County Department of Health, nor does it supersede the Hamilton County Department of Health’s authority to issue a separate violation as permitted under state law.

So Ordered,

Stefan C. Densmore,
Mayor, Village of Golf Manor, OH

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