Council Passes Ordinance Regulating Yard Sales – Permit Required with No Fee

GOLF MANOR (8/31/2018) – The Village of Golf Manor Council has passed legislation regulating Garage, Yard, Lawn, and Basement Sales within the Village. The first reading of ORD. 2018-13 took place on 7/23/2018 with the legislation passing on the third reading on 8/27/2018.

Previously, there were no specific guidelines for conducting this type of residential sale. The Village had previously charged a nominal fee of $5 per day or $8 for two consecutive days. The new Ordinance does require that those who wish to hold a sale secure a permit from the office of the Village Administrator or Chief of Police, however there will be no fee. This Ordinance goes into effect on October 1, 2018. The full text of the Ordinance can be reviewed here.

In summary:

  • A Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Lawn Sale, or Basement Sale is defined as a sale of personal items owned by the property owner or persons living within a dwelling that are advertised and sold at a public sale.
  • No Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Lawn Sale, or Basement Sale shall be permitted without first obtaining a permit from the office of the Village Administrator or Chief of Police.
  • The office of the Village Administrator or Chief of Police are authorized to issue a permit no more than two times in a six (6) month period to each household. Any permit issued shall be valid for two consecutive days which will be specified in a permit. The Village Administrator or Chief of Police may extend the time or date for an issued permit under circumstances out of the control of the applicant such as inclement weather.
  • No advertisement or direction sign for this type of sale shall be posted on any Village property or in a manner which would restrict the right-of-way of a public highway or Village street. Signs may not be posted on Village property or on the property of another without the express permission of the property owner.
  • Any resident conducting a Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Lawn Sale, or Basement Sale without first obtaining a permit will be in violation of Village Ordinances. Residents who obtain a permit should have it available for review during the sale. The requirements and responsibilities of the owner, as well as the rights of inspection by the Village and penalties for violation are detailed in the Ordinance.

See the complete text of the ORD. 2018-13 here.

Suspected violations of this Ordinance should be reported to the Property Maintenance Hotline at 513-800-6158 or online here.

See the full text of the Ordinance here.

The permit application is here.

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