Issue 23 – Amended Village Charter to Be On the Nov. 6 Ballot

GOLF MANOR (Update: 9/4/2018) – The Village of Golf Manor operates in the State of Ohio as a  Home Rule community supported by a Charter. The Charter is the guiding document that allows for operation of the Village and from time to time requires review for updating of certain specific components.

A Charter Review Commission convened by Mayor Greg Schwartzberg (see article) has recommended to Council a number of updates.

In summary, the proposed Amended Charter, as Issue 23,  is a comprehensive update to the Charter of the Village of Golf Manor. Throughout the proposed Amended Charter the text was updated to include gender inclusive language such as him/her or Council Member.  Additional changes include:

  • Transitioning from an elected Clerk/Treasurer to a Village Fiscal Officer model of governance as permitted by R.C. 733.262. The Village Fiscal Officer would be appointed by the Mayor with a consent of Council. With the transition, Council may also appoint a Clerk of Council to administer the record of proceedings.
  • Recognizing the position of Village Administrator which position also is to be appointed by the Mayor with consent of Council.
  • Updating the procedure to remove a Council Member by requiring more advance notice unless it is an emergency.  Similarly, Article XI, is updated to recognize the procedure for a Recall petition.
  • Requiring that, if possible, when a  Council Member appoints another Council Member to designate his or her successor in the event of a vacancy, the designee should be an elected Council Member. A similar provision applies to the appointment of the Vice Mayor by Council.
  • Requiring a minimum of one Council meeting per month with a calendar of meetings set the first meeting in January of each year.
  • Merging the responsibilities of the Board of Zoning Appeals with the Planning Commission and clarifying the terms and appointment process for Planning Commission Members.
  • Clarifying that it is not a conflict for a Council Member or the Mayor to serve on a County or State Central Committee.
  • Recognizing the Solicitor must be licensed to practice law in Ohio, but not necessarily a resident of Hamilton County.
  • Removing updated sections of the Charter such as the requirement to appoint a Plumbing Inspector, Building Inspector or Engineer as these services typically are provided by professionals under contract to the Village.
  • Aligning the deadlines and legal requirements for Council candidate petitions, budgeting and tax levies with State law.
  • Clarifying the petition requirements for the Initiative Referendum or Recall.

The full text of the Amended Charter can be reviewed here.  A red-lined version of the previous Charter document with proposed changes can be reviewed here.

If the Amended Charter is approved by a majority of those electors voting at the general election, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Amended Charter will take effect January 1, 2019.

Appointed members of  the Charter Review Commission were Mayor Schwartzberg, Village Administrator Ron Hirth, Council Member Danny Kneipp, Council Member Sharon Chaney, and resident Bob Harper. Solicitor Terry Donnellon acted as advisor to the group through the review process.

Recommended revisions to the Charter were presented to Council for consideration at the regular August 27, 2018 meeting. Council unanimously accepted the recommendations and voted to place the Amended Charter on the November 6 general election ballot at that same meeting.

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