Water Overflow Incidents Need to Be Reported to MSD

  1. GOLF MANOR (4/23/2019) – Officials from the Village of Golf Manor met with leadership from the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) on Friday, April 19 to discuss stormwater drainage issues occurring in the Village. Of particular concern is flooding after some extreme rain events we have experienced over the past several weeks.

Our mission was to better understand MSD’s role as owner of the sewer system and what maintenance they perform. In addition we wanted to clarify any expectations of the Village for stormwater management, and provide feedback to them regarding concerns we’ve heard from residents who have interacted with MSD during flooding events.

MSD recognizes that the sewer system installed in the Village is of aging infrastructure and was not built to handle the capacity of rainfall we have been seeing over the past several years. MSD also recognizes that expansion of the sewer system is not a responsibility of the Village and would be cost prohibitive considering current funding realities.

MSD recommends that all “flooding” incidents be reported first and foremost to MSD through their SBU – Sewer Backup Response Program, which can be accomplished by phone or online. They indicated that about 90% of the backup calls they receive are not true sewer backup events, but are directly related to stormwater runoff and property owner drain maintenance issues.

The following is a quick guide to identifying an actual sewer backup:

  1. A basement or garage drain with liquid or sanitary matter coming up from the drain is a sewer backup.
  2. A drain that does not accept water flowing into it is not a sewer backup.
  3. A drain in a basement, stairwell or in front of a garage door that does not drain into the sewer system is a clogged drain that needs to be opened by the property owner. Methods of remedy include manually unclogging it, snaking it, or calling a plumber.
  4. Property owners may need to install better drainage systems around their property should stormwater drainage into the house continue to be a problem. This includes trenching around foundations, installing a sump pump, or having sewer lines located on their private property inspected to ensure there are no tree root or other obstructions or pipe damage.

Golf Manor was initially built with sewer and stormwater lines combined. MSD has been separating the two and will continue with this program until completed. The Village is responsible to keep the curbs clear of debris, clear all grates, and ensure stormwater catch basins are clear of debris where the lines have been separated. Combined sewer/stormwater catch basins are the responsibility of MSD to maintain.

The Village stormwater maintenance program includes:

  1. Sweeping of the curbs annually.
  2. Conducting  street grate maintenance annually.
  3. Performing catch basin maintenance annually by quadrants identified by the administration in priority.
  4. Communication with residents the importance of keeping the curb and drains in front of their property clear of trash, debris, and leaves throughout the year. This includes refraining from depositing grass clippings into the street and curb when mowing the yard.

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