Disturbing News Shines A Spotlight on Our Oasis

Editorial from the Village Administrator

It’s disturbing when you hear that an act of violence has taken place in your community. Particularly so when that violence takes place in close proximity to your home. This is the reality Golf Manor residents faced on Christmas night when media outlets reported a shooting that took place in the 6400 block of Mayflower. Even more so for residents who were close enough to hear the noise.

Roped off streets, multiple police agencies in response including the Hamilton County Sheriff, Amberley Village, and victim transport vehicles from the LMFR fire district as the first responders. Then the tedious investigation and sorting out what happened that takes hours afterwards.

When incidents like this occur, those looking in from the outside, and some inside, tend to allow this type of activity to define our neighborhood and our community. You infrequently hear the good things happening. It’s very easy just to focus on the negative. Our police officers responding to the incident took quick and decisive action to secure the scene and the safety of the neighborhood. Our first responders train for this and were ready when called upon for action. As well, the victim probably owes his life to the first aid rendered to him by those same officers before the medical first responders arrived.

Golf Manor is not defined by the shooting that occurred that night. Nor should it be. Many of us, most of us, have chosen to live (or work) in this community of 3,000 plus residents for the sense of community that we wouldn’t otherwise get in a larger suburban or urban setting. We know our police officers, our firefighters, Village employees, and elected leaders personally. More often than not, they are our neighbors. We understand the value in making investments in police, fire, and medical protection to ensure our lives and property are cared for under the watchful eye of professionals and decision-makers in Village government.

Overall, compared to larger neighbor communities to the South, Golf Manor is a very safe and livable community. You can walk with your kids and your dog at night. You can say hello to your neighbors and enjoy a Summer evening breeze on the porch. You don’t wait hours for service from the police or fire if you happen to have an emergency, or suffer being triaged for one side of town for another. This little slice of ‘burb is an oasis in the jungle of our modern-day reality.

I tip my hat and offer heartfelt thanks to the officers from the Golf Manor Police department who responded that night, as well as the EMT/paramedics from Little Miami Fire District for being there 24/7, even during holidays, to ensure the safety of life and property in our Village. I admire these folks for their bravery and dedication to service.

Thanks to all of you for protecting our oasis.

Ron Hirth, Administrator (1/9/2019)

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