25th Anniversary

Golf Manor dates its development as a Village to the mid-1920’s, but it existed  long before that. In fact, back to the 1800’s, residents who stelled in this area rich with farmland and green grazing pastures were industrious and frugal descendents of the Pennsylvania Dutch. As you would expect, the daily routine for them was working in their fields from dawn to dusk and tending their barns and livestock. When Winter came, they repaired tools, mended fences and cared for their animals.

Permanent Speed Hump Installation to Begin On October 19

GOLF MANOR (Update 10/19/2020) –Due to the heavy and persistent rains, construction of the speed humps will be delayed until ...
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GM Issue 10 on Ballot for Nov. 3, 2020 General Election

GOLF MANOR (10/6/2020) – There will be one Golf Manor issue on the ballot this coming General Election Day on ...
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Halloween in the Village During the COVID Pandemic

GOLF MANOR (9/21/2020) – Since the beginning of the COVID – 19 pandemic back in March, the Village of Golf ...
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5-Year Road Construction Plan, Vera Ave. in 2021 & Speed Humps Coming This Fall

GOLF MANOR (9/15/2020) – The Village of Golf Manor has announced a 5 - year plan for conducting road construction ...
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