2014 Proclamations

Date Number Honoree
 1/27/2014 2014-1 Honoring Fire Chief Gregg Ballman
4/14/2014 2014-2 Designating June 8, 2014 as Jewish Education Day
12/8/2014 2014-3 Honoring Clayton Werden III & Clayt Werden Electric Company
12/8/2014 2014-4 Honoring Deloitte & the Deloitte Impact Day Volunteers

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Village 2018 Year-End Financial Report Now Available

GOLF MANOR (2/12/2019) The Village of Golf Manor's 2018 year-end Financial Report (AFR) is available for review or download online ...
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Concerned Citizens Meeting for Jan. 22 Is Cancelled

GOLF MANOR (1/22/2019) Due to weather concerns, tonight’s scheduled Concerned Citizens meeting has been cancelled. Tonight’s agenda will be moved to ...
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Disturbing News Shines A Spotlight on Our Oasis

Editorial from the Village Administrator It’s disturbing when you hear that an act of violence has taken place in your ...
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Property Tax Bills Look Different Due to Fire Dept. Merger

GOLF MANOR (12/23/2018) Property tax bills from the Hamilton County Treasurer will look a bit different this December/January for Golf ...
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