The Golf Manor Building Department helps to maintain the integrity of our community environment by protecting the health and safety of the general public through the enforcement of all applicable building, housing, and zoning codes for all residential and commercial properties in the Village.

Working with residents and business owners to resolve property maintenance issues is a prime objective. Such issues as peeling paint, rotted wood, deteriorated roof systems, life safety problems, complaints regarding deteriorated properties, high grass, trash, junked (disabled) autos, side walk and retention wall inspection are coordinated through our contractor, the National Inspection Corporation (NIC). Complaints or questions about issues regarding these areas should be reported directly to NIC at 513-745-0370.


Download printable Building Permit Application PDF HERE. | Download printable flyer on Building Permits HERE.

The Village of Golf Manor contracts with NIC for all residential and commercial properties for plan examination, building permits, electrical permits and on-site inspections. The Hamilton County Board of Health is under contract to perform plumbing inspections.

The Village reviews all applications and plans for residential and commercial construction, repairs, and alterations within the Village limits and issues the necessary permits for such work. After a permit has been issued, the department makes the necessary on-site inspections as the work progresses.

A Golf Manor building permit is required for exterior work and interior remodeling projects involving projects or structural changes such as:

  • New dwelling
  • Home additions (including sheds & garages over 200 sq ft.)
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Alteration and fire repair
  • Movement of structures
  • Accessory structures (sheds & garages under 200 sq ft.)
  • Enlargements of structures
  • Heating and cooling additions or replacements
  • Decks, handicap ramps and ramps without roofs
  • Pools (in-ground or above ground)
  • Retaining walls
  • Wrecking

Fence construction does not require a building permit but must meet the zoning requirements of the Village. A permit is not required for general maintenance items such as painting, wall papering, carpeting, landscaping, driveways, roof shingle replacement, etc.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not you may need a permit, contact the Building Department (NIC) at 888-433-4642. Permit fees are subject to change without notice.


An application for a building permit may be filed by the owner of the property on which the work is to be performed, or by the project architect, engineer, or any other agent contracted by the owner. The owner and the applicant share the responsibility for any and all information submitted. The information submitted with the application in the form of drawings and specifications must comply with all applicable building codes and ordinances.

Submit the application with three sets of drawings, and pay the upfront permit fee, to the Village administration office at 6450 Wiehe Road. When the drawings and application are reviewed and accepted (within a few days), the applicant will be notified to pick up the permit.

Work must begin within six (6) months and must be completed within one (1) year of the permit issue date. One renewal will be permitted upon request at a cost of one-half (1/2) of the original permit fee. This extension will be good for an addition six (6) months from the original permit issue date.


Property Maintenance Complaints 513-745-0370
Property Inspection 513-745-0370
Building Applications, Permits & Information
for Residential & Commercial Property
Electrical Permits (Residential & Commercial) 888-433-4642
Plumbing Permits & Information 513-946-7800
Zoning Issues/Questions 513-531-7418



The Village of Golf Manor has adopted the Hamilton County, OH Department of Building Inspections Schedule of Fees. The following information is provided only as a quick reference to provide insight to fees for some typical residential projects. Actual fees may be updated at any time. The current schedule of fees may not be reflected in the reference guide listed below. Confirm current fees by calling:

Residential & Commercial Permit Fees: Call 888-433-4642

Residential Permit Fees (up-front fee) rev. 10/30/07

New Dwelling $235.00
Additions $235.00
Alteration and Fire Repair $157.00
Accessory Structures (sheds, garages) $190.00
Mechanical Additions or Replacements of
Heating/Air Conditioning
Combined (includes ductwork) $127.00
Decks and Ramps without roofs $151.00
Pools Above Ground $128.00
In-Ground Pools $268.00
Retaining Walls (up to 300 ft.) $79.00
Wrecking $33.00 per 1000 SQ/FT
Electrical Wiring Call 888-433-4642
Plumbing Call 513-946-7800

Download printable Building Permit Application PDF HERE. | Download printable flyer on Building Permits HERE.

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