Council Committees

Members of Council have been organized into committees by the Mayor to focus on matters important to the Village through in-depth research and discussion and make recommendations for policy and action to the full Council.

These Committee meetings are open to the public and meet as follows (click here to review the Village event calendar):

  • Executive Committee: The 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00 pm
  • Finance: The 4th Monday of every month at 6:00 pm

Each committee prioritizes its business by formal motion unless the full Council refers a matter to committee with a directed schedule.

Addressing Council Committees

Residents who wish to address a Council committee may do so by registering in advance to be included on the agenda. Please call 513-531-7491 by 5 pm of the business day prior to a scheduled regular meeting to register your name and specific topic.

Executive Committee
Meets second Monday monthly, 6:00 PM

Chair: Greg Schwartzberg
Members: Kenneth Colvin, Lou Marx, Sharon Chaney (non-voting)

Advisors to the Executive Committee: Village Administrator, Facilities Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Village officials as requested.


To research, develop, recommend to Council and implement strategies that effect aspects of Village operations including:

  • Safety & Health: Review and recommend to Council matters effecting police, fire, trash collection and health. To make recommendations concerning General Health, and Emergency Services, and at the request of Council, review equipment purchases by Police & Fire. To work with the Village Administrator, Mayor, department heads, and outside agencies on all matters affecting the health and safety of Village residents.
  • Operations & Infrastructure: Work with the service director, facilities manager, police and fire departments to develop and review infrastructure (public roads and buildings), traffic ordinances, traffic control, parking, road repair, snow and ice removal, storm damage recovery and cleanup, including the equipment used for road repair and cleanup. Upon review, this committee makes recommendations for full Council and administrative action.
  • Laws/Code Enforcement: Work with service director, police, fire, and National Inspection Corporation (NIC) on building, fire, property maintenance codes, standards and solutions. Coordinate regulation of residential rental properties. Committee reviews and revises changes in zoning, codes and ordinances. With the solicitor’s review and guidance, the committee makes recommendations to the full Council.
  • Environmental: Work with the Service Director and appropriate sections to formulate, review, and recommend plans of action for solid waste, recycling, composting, pollution, water management, and sediment control.
  • Parks & Recreation: Sharon Chaney & Ryan Tolle, Council Liaisons
    Work with the Golf Manor Recreation Commission and present matters from this commission to Council for their decision and review. Make recommendations to Council on matters concerning Village recreation facilities, programs and equipment. Work with resident volunteers in the prioritization, planning and implementation of various projects aimed at providing positive experiences for residents.
  • Community Beautification: Work with the Service Director and resident volunteer groups in the planning and implementation of various projects aimed at aesthetic improvements in the Village such as streetscape projects, Village gateways, pocket parks, etc.
  • Education: Greg Schwartzberg & Stefan Densmore, Council Liaisons
    Work closely with local educational authorities, local school districts (i.e. Cincinnati Public Schools) and Hamilton County in order to improve communication, maintain and enhance educational opportunities in the Village and keep residents up-to-date on those opportunities.
  • Special Events & Projects: Research, develop, recommend to Council and implement strategies for miscellaneous projects referred by Council or projects that the administration introduces and the committee agrees to place on its agenda.
  • Actively work with the Finance Committee.


Finance Committee:
Meets fourth Monday monthly, 6:00 PM

Chair: Sharon Chaney
Members – Matt Boettcher, Stefan Densmore
Liaison from Executive: Greg Schwartzberg (non-voting)
Advisors to the Finance Committee: Clerk-Treasurer; Village Administrator, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Budget Analyst/Tax Commissioner, Village officials as requested


  • Review of the Village’s revenue stream and expenses with the goal of ensuring the continued sustainability of the Village as a strong, independent local government; and to provide the maximum value of tax dollars is realized for our residents and businesses.
  • Research, plan, review and recommend to Council for legislative action, all matters of Village finance, including taxes, funding, grants, salaries, issuance of municipal bonds, review of major expenses and unplanned expenditures as they occur.
  • Review and ensure the efficiency of tax collection.
  • Review department budgets and work with the Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, and department heads in matters concerning the Village budget and appropriation.
  • Review and recommend approval for all bills paid by the Village.
  • Develop and recommend ordinances effecting Village finances and any new appropriations.
  • Review all proposed spending and monetary contracts before being presented to the full Council.
  • Actively work with the Executive Committee in developing strategies to fund their work.


Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals:

Meets first Monday monthly at 6:30  PM.

Chair: Dave Willacker
Members – Matthew Boettcher, Kenneth Colvin, Matt Scott, Steve Simiele

Advisors to the Commission: Village Administrator, Solictor, Village officials as requested.

  • The PlanningCommission will convene from time to time to amend or modify general building and zoning codes, the zoning plan, and other plans for the development of the Village, all in accordance with general law.
  • The Commission shall perform other duties related to planning, zoning and platting as required by ordinance or resolution.
  • The Commission will review building codes regulating the construction of buildings and other structures within the Village and from time to time make amendments  as required.
  • This group will also act as the Village’s zoning board of appeals as appointed by Council.


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