Personal & Business Income Tax

Important News About Village Income Tax Collection in 2019

Starting July 1, 2018, the Village of Golf Manor will partner with other Ohio municipalities and participate in a shared income tax service known as RITA, the Regional Income Tax Agency.  In doing so, RITA will administer and collect income taxes on behalf of the Village of Golf Manor after July 1st. All residents will be required to file a tax return (or a valid exemption certificate) with RITA by April 15th (excluding holidays) each year beginning in April 2019.

Once the transition to RITA is effective in July 2018 you will be able to register, obtain forms, file a return, make payments, and view Frequently Asked Questions on the RITA website at RITA Customer Service Agents will be available to help answer questions and provide assistance Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling toll-free at 1-800-860-7482.

RITA was formed in 1971 to administer the income tax ordinances for Ohio municipalities (city or village) that join the agency. Currently over 320 taxing jurisdictions (approximately 45% of Ohio municipalities with an income tax) utilize RITA to handle their municipal income tax collection and enforcement efforts. Locally Addyston, Arlington Heights, Bethel, Elmwood Place, Greenhills, Lockland, Loveland, Milford, Mt. Healthy, Newtown, and Silverton, to name a few, participate in RITA.

RITA’s comprehensive tax services will provide better service for residents, be more cost effective, and accurate for the Village’s tax collection operations. RITA will provide enhanced services such as online tax filing for Village taxes.  Get more information about RITA here.


Income Tax Filing Requirement

Golf Manor tax ordinances require all Golf Manor residents (including those retired), landlords and business owners to file an income tax return each year, on or before April 15th, whether or not tax is due.  Upon the date of your first day of residency or opening of a business, tax liability begins.

Renters & Landlords

Property owners of rental property within the corporate limits of the Village are required by Ordinance to submit to the Tax Commissioner a Landlord/Tenant Report detailing the names, addresses, telephone numbers and place of employment (if available) for each tenant (Section 729.01) living in rental property of any kind on or before July 31 of each year and December 31 of each year. The Landlord/Tenant Report may be mailed by postal mail or submitted in person to the Golf Manor Tax Department by the date required at 6450 Wiehe Road, Golf Manor, OH 45237. These forms can be also be emailed to

Taxable Income

A 1.7% tax is due on all taxable income earned for work or services performed while a resident of the Village whether or not reported on an employer’s W-2 form. Taxable income is defined as all gross wages, salary, regular pay, overtime, sick pay, vacation pay, tips, bonuses, profit sharing, severance pay, unemployment compensation, other compensation received,  gambling winnings, and insurance premium payments. For businesses taxable income includes net profits from the operation of a business, profession or other activity. Business losses cannot be deducted from W-2 or 1099 income.

The Village allows a credit up to 1.7% for the amount of taxes that have been paid by a resident to another municipality. To receive credit for tax paid to other municipalities, documented proof of payment on a W-2 form must be provided with your tax return.

Tax Form Processing

  1. The Village of Golf Manor does not mail tax forms to residents. Resident and business tax forms, as well as landlord/tenant registration forms, are available at the Golf Manor Tax Department and on this website here.
  2. Golf Manor tax department staff is available to answer questions you may have regarding your tax return. Village personnel are not permitted fill out your tax return for you. If you need assistance filling out your tax forms, we recommend you engage a third-party tax preparation service.
  3. Along with your completed tax forms you must include:
    • The front page of your Federal 1040 form.
    • All W-2’s, 1099’s, Federal Schedule C and/or Federal Schedule E forms.
  4. All of the above described information must be received by the tax deadline in order to consider your return “complete.”  Incomplete returns will not be accepted. Failure to retun all of the documents required by the tax due date will result in a late fee of $75.00.
  5. Completed tax returns, attached required documentation, and any payments due must be received on the tax due date. They may be mailed by postal mail or submitted in person to the Golf Manor tax department at 6450 Wiehe Road, Golf Manor, OH 45237.
  6. A request for an extension must be filed with the tax department on or before 9 am April 16 along with an 80% estimated payment of tax. An IRS extension does not create an automatic extension with the Village.
  7. If a tax return or extension request is not filed by the due date, there will be a minimum penalty charge of $75.00 (even if no taxes are due). There is also a penalty of $75.00 plus interest for untimely payment.
  8. Confirmations of receiving your return will be mailed back only if a pre-addressed, self-stamped envelope is included with the filed return.
  9. Declaration of estimated income tax is required for taxpayers that have had a tax liability in prior years.

Tax Payments

The preferred method of making tax payments is by personal check or money order. When paying with cash, make sure you receive a receipt from a tax department employee and that your payment has been credited properly to your account. Do not under any circumstance leave cash in the tax office drop box. The Village will not be responsible for any cash left unattended.

Tax Return & Payment Schedule

  • On or before April 15th: File Declaration with 1/4 payment.
  • On or before June 15th: Make 2nd quarterly payment.
  • On or before September 15th: Make 3rd quarterly payment.
  • On or before January 15th: Make 4th quarterly payment.
  • On or before April 15th: File return. Pay quarterly payment.


You may contact the Village Tax Department if you have any questions. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. The Village Tax Department is located in the Municipal Building at 6450 Wiehe Road, Golf Manor. Questions may be directed by email to or by phone at 513-531-5155.

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax

Real estate and property taxes are not collected by the Village. Questions regarding real estate and personal property tax must be directed to the Hamilton County Treasurer at the Hamilton County Court House at 513-946-4000.

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